1.5 Deaths and a heir is chosen

07-14-15_10-18 PM

Psstt Adam I got you that new bed

“mmm its comfy… let.. me …sleepp…..”

07-14-15_9-45 PM

In all of the panic I about an heir being shown I forgot to show you Summer becoming an elder! Being an active sim she still wants to go out jogging all the time but now old age is catching up on her she can’t jog for as long and keeps getting frustrated about her lack of exercise.

07-14-15_10-31 PM

Hey whats everyone doing in the twins room? You going to play Brigette’s guitar?

07-14-15_10-32 PM

Adam why are you on the floor?

07-14-15_10-33 PM

“Hello, the name is Grim. And I am here to collect one soul today”

You! Noo its too soon! I don’t have an heir yet!

07-14-15_10-33 PM-2“Let me just check my records…… Ah a legacy household! Its a bit small for a legacy home…”

Its only the first generation! Give me a break here Grimmy!

07-14-15_10-35 PM

“I’ll let him live this one time ! But I will be back so you better pick a heir soon!”

07-14-15_10-35 PM-3“Phew that was a close one! Must dash I’m late for work! Mr Grim can you console my wife, this whole experience looks like its hitting her hard”

He’s right, since seeing Adam almost die Summer has been in a constant state of sadness about losing  a loved one, even when talking to Adam….

The household did need the money Adam was bringing in but both Adam and I decided it would be best for him to retire and take it easy. Summer also retired because she was just too depressed to continue working.

07-14-15_11-36 PM

You fell down again! No Adam!!!!

07-14-15_11-38 PM

“I told you I would be back. Ahh! What are you two doing! Stop flicking tears on me!!”

07-17-15_2-45 PM

“So I’m dead then…..”

I’m afraid so Adam. We’ve had some good times the two of us.

“So now you are going to bug one of my kids through the rest of their life then?”
Well that is one way of putting it… Better go inform them that they are the heir.
07-17-15_3-07 PM-2

Hey Brigette


It is me the creator. You should probably put that homework away and we can have a wee chat. Have you ever heard your Dad talk to him self?

“Yeah… He was a bit nuts”

Well he was actually talking to me. And now your the heir of the family you can and will be talking to me.

“Wait heir? I have to stay here? While the other two get to move out and do what they want!”

Well… yeah… but its not that bad. As heir once we have found you a partner you can just make them clean up the house? How does that sound?

“…… I don’t really have a choice do I?”


07-17-15_3-08 PM“My baby is going to be a young adult! Your Dad would have been so proud of you!”

Branden grew into a quite the snobby Adult. The first thing he did was critic the lovely cake Summer had made him, and in doing so he wiped the smile right off her face…  As he wants to be a best selling author he joined the writer career path.

07-18-15_11-40 PM“Mum nooo!”

Shortly after her eldest son broke her heart, old age caught up with Summer and she died.

The next few days were hard on all the of the kids. Everything in the house kept breaking ( thanks to ghost Adam thinking it was funny to jump into them…), and they had now lost both parents.

07-18-15_11-49 PMThe didn’t feel like celebrating with a big party, so the twins made each other a cake a just had a quite night of cake eating.

Brigette decided it was best if she was left on her own in the legacy household, so the boys packed up the next morning and moved into a house on the other side of town together.

And that is where we will leave this chapter


1.4 – Teens and time to pick a heir!

07-09-15_11-07 PM All Summer ever does these days is bake cakes.  Which helps with her daily task for work ( I say daily, but she works 3 days a week) This one is for our first teen!

07-09-15_11-21 PM 07-09-15_11-41 PM

Branden has grew up to be materialistic like his father and he aspires to be a best selling author.

“DAAADD Can I get some coffee now? “

Speaking of coffee

07-10-15_12-08 AM

The family are still quite poor so Branden got a job in the local coffee shop. Early morning shifts before school means he is actually drinking alot of coffee.

07-12-15_11-01 PM 07-12-15_11-07 PM

A few days later it was the twins turn to become teens

07-12-15_11-06 PM

“Yess! This phone has unlimited calls and internet! Oh look! A job as a nanny! I hope I don’t actually need to clean up after them… cause that would be gross”

“Who are you talking to?”

“Shut up Bruno!”

As you can guess Brigette as grew up with the slob trait. She aspires to be a curator.

07-13-15_11-46 PM-2Bruno has grew up looking even more like Branden. I’m pretty sure they are even the same build. Unlike his brother however, Bruno is active. Bruno is also aspires to be a curator just like Brigette.

07-13-15_11-54 PMHe got a job working as a retail assistant.  So now with everyone in the household working and looking for treasure the house is beginning to be updated and decorated.

07-13-15_11-46 PM“Uggghhh can you buy me a new bed please? I’m an old man now “

Yeah you are getting on a bit aren’t you…. Maybe we should ask the readers to choose an heir while you are still around?

“Wait? Readers? Whats going on?!!”

Shhh don’t you worry your little wrinkly head about things. I’ll sort out an heir and get back to you.

So everyone. Its time to pick a heir! Sorry for lack of pictures. As soon as the twins ages up I got a notification that Adam didn’t have long left so I panicked and decided to choose an heir now before he is gone.

1.3 Babies!

06-21-15_11-20 PM

Now that Summer had joined the legacy household she was contributing nicely to the family income by stopping to fish at the end of her jogs. Being an active sim she got very cranky if she wasn’t exercising, but as she needed to get her skills up Adam used some money he had saved to buy her a bar, which I placed at the end of the lot.

06-21-15_9-25 PM

But between all of her jogs, and mixing drinks, and Adams report filling, the two some how managed to find time for each other on Adams double bed that he loves so much . Here is Summer taking a pregnancy test. I think she looks happy 06-21-15_11-21 PMAdam how are you feeling about going to be father?

06-23-15_10-11 PM-2

“I feel awesome. Look at my fancy suit for my fancy business job”

06-23-15_10-06 PM

Summer was not feeling awesome….. Adam go wake your wife up.

“Why can’t you do it?”

Because only the founder and the heirs can hear me speak to them.

06-23-15_10-25 PM“She has went in to labour. Started screaming at me. Saying it was all my fault. Wouldn’t let me give her a kiss”

I hope you are taking her to hospital and not running away now?

06-23-15_10-24 PM


Yup hes running away……..

06-23-15_10-55 PM

I see you have met your son Branden.

“Look at your little shirt. Its got some kind of creature on it holding a banana”

That’s a monkey. You never know in the future your family may own one (depending on expansion packs)

“That loud voice is talking strange things again son. Yes she is. Goo Goooo”

06-23-15_11-31 PM-2

Branden grew into a little chubby child. Hes very cheerful and wants to talk to everyone.

But his time as an only child was short because soon Summer was expecting again.

06-26-15_10-41 PM

What none of us was expecting was twins! A little girl named Brigette and a little boy named Bruno.

06-26-15_11-08 PMUm Adam? There are babies crying… can you not hear them?


Jeez,…. for a family sim you are not really into looking after your kids….. Luckly we got through it and the twins grew up happily.

06-26-15_11-42 PM

Bridgette is a music lover and is very artistic.
06-26-15_11-41 PMBruno is like his brother and is very cheerful, but he would rather be playing chess or reading than socalizing. I suppose you would say he was a whiz kid. He has also grew up looking very like his brother.

06-27-15_10-18 PM 06-27-15_10-21 PM 06-27-15_10-17 PMAdams paper work was beginning to pile up and Summer was back at work after her maternity leave so the kids spent most of their time at the park playing with their friends from school.

06-27-15_11-15 PM

Whats that you’ve dug up there? Hellloooo? Oh wait. You can’t hear me….. That looks like a voodoo doll? YES! It is! $950 will do nicely. Now you can maybe afford a second story for the house.

06-27-15_11-59 PM

Tadaaa. They still have a trash plant but someone is buying the trash plants from them so it can stay.

06-28-15_12-04 AM “Who has Mum baked the cake for? Is it my birthday?”

“No son not for a few days….. OH no! It must be mine!”

 06-28-15_12-13 AM06-28-15_12-14 AM

Don’t know why you were worried Adam you still look awesome.

And that’s where I will leave this update. Just a note on the kids names. I’m using a random name generator and each generation will have names beginning with a different letter. Just stops double naming

1.2 – Time to earn some money and find you a wife

06-19-15_11-08 PM

Why the long face?

“I need to pay my bills but since you bought that bin, I can’t afford them!”

06-21-15_11-24 PMThe bin was so that no more of these garbage plants crop up! Even though they do give us money for the little trash bag “flowers”. But anyway lets try and get you a promotion! Says here you need to fill out reports every day but since you don’t have a computer your going to have to go to the library

06-19-15_11-12 PM

“Hello ladies, the names Adam and I run my own business”

Wait a min! You don’t run the buisness! You deliver mail to the people who own the business!

” I was talking about my trash plant and rock buisnes! Now shh and let me work my magic!”

As long as you are filling in those reports!

06-19-15_10-58 PM06-18-15_12-28 AM

After several trips trips to the library Adam was able to pay his bills and his magic also appeared to be working.  This is Summer Holiday.  Adam and her began dating and taking many many selfies… Kids these days.

06-19-15_10-46 PM

“She’s active so I decided to take up jogging”

I’m pretty sure he lied and told her he was active… but anyway. Hows the job going?

06-19-15_11-22 PM

“Pretty well 😉 Have you seen my double bed “

Take it Summer is coming over then? Adam was now an assistant to the manager so could buy some stuff which appealed to his materialistic ( and romantic side….)

06-20-15_12-17 AM

With this sudden influx of cash Adam decided to propose. Summer gladly accepted, but said she wouldn’t move in until she wasn’t living in a shack… I still don’t think its a shack but… whatever….

Some more filing reports and less working his magic, and Adam was promoted to Assistant manager which allowed him to upgrade the shack

06-21-15_10-55 PM

I would call this a house now. It has an open plan living/kitchen area along with a separate bedroom and shower/toilet room.  So you know what you need to do now Adam don’t you? Although…. we are a little short for a wedding……

06-20-15_12-34 AM-2

“Its fine this barmaid is licences to officiate weddings!”

Summer joins the family with the following traits

  • Cheerful
  • Active
  • Outgoing
  • Gregarious

She is also in the culinary career path.

And that’s where I leave this update. Thanks for reading 🙂

The Zuconia Legacy Challenge -1.1 Intro and meeting our founder

Hello and welcome to the home of my legacy challenge!

I decided to call my family Zuconia as this is what my sims 2 town was called.  The rules for this challenge can be found here.

I’ve decided to follow these succession rules

  • Equality: Heirs can be of any gender
  • Strict Traditional : A heir must be naturally born from their previous-generation parents and be able to trace an unbroken bloodline back to the founder. Adopted children may never be named heir.
  • Democracy:  Heirs will be chosen by you readers

06-17-15_10-43 PM-2Meet my founder Adam. He is Family orientated, romantic and materialistic.

“Yeah and I’m not happy about this ….. shack you’ve got me living in!”

06-17-15_10-44 PM

I think shack is exaggerating a bit. But it has all the essentials – bed, fridge, and even a toilet thanks to all they rocks you collected. Once you get a job you can begin upgrading it to bungalow.

“It will be a mansion before you know it!”

That’s the spirit.

Adam decided to join the business career path as ” That’s where all the rich guys are” but for now he is just a mail-room technician.

And this is where we leave the first post 🙂