1.5 Deaths and a heir is chosen

07-14-15_10-18 PM

Psstt Adam I got you that new bed

“mmm its comfy… let.. me …sleepp…..”

07-14-15_9-45 PM

In all of the panic I about an heir being shown I forgot to show you Summer becoming an elder! Being an active sim she still wants to go out jogging all the time but now old age is catching up on her she can’t jog for as long and keeps getting frustrated about her lack of exercise.

07-14-15_10-31 PM

Hey whats everyone doing in the twins room? You going to play Brigette’s guitar?

07-14-15_10-32 PM

Adam why are you on the floor?

07-14-15_10-33 PM

“Hello, the name is Grim. And I am here to collect one soul today”

You! Noo its too soon! I don’t have an heir yet!

07-14-15_10-33 PM-2“Let me just check my records…… Ah a legacy household! Its a bit small for a legacy home…”

Its only the first generation! Give me a break here Grimmy!

07-14-15_10-35 PM

“I’ll let him live this one time ! But I will be back so you better pick a heir soon!”

07-14-15_10-35 PM-3“Phew that was a close one! Must dash I’m late for work! Mr Grim can you console my wife, this whole experience looks like its hitting her hard”

He’s right, since seeing Adam almost die Summer has been in a constant state of sadness about losing  a loved one, even when talking to Adam….

The household did need the money Adam was bringing in but both Adam and I decided it would be best for him to retire and take it easy. Summer also retired because she was just too depressed to continue working.

07-14-15_11-36 PM

You fell down again! No Adam!!!!

07-14-15_11-38 PM

“I told you I would be back. Ahh! What are you two doing! Stop flicking tears on me!!”

07-17-15_2-45 PM

“So I’m dead then…..”

I’m afraid so Adam. We’ve had some good times the two of us.

“So now you are going to bug one of my kids through the rest of their life then?”
Well that is one way of putting it… Better go inform them that they are the heir.
07-17-15_3-07 PM-2

Hey Brigette


It is me the creator. You should probably put that homework away and we can have a wee chat. Have you ever heard your Dad talk to him self?

“Yeah… He was a bit nuts”

Well he was actually talking to me. And now your the heir of the family you can and will be talking to me.

“Wait heir? I have to stay here? While the other two get to move out and do what they want!”

Well… yeah… but its not that bad. As heir once we have found you a partner you can just make them clean up the house? How does that sound?

“…… I don’t really have a choice do I?”


07-17-15_3-08 PM“My baby is going to be a young adult! Your Dad would have been so proud of you!”

Branden grew into a quite the snobby Adult. The first thing he did was critic the lovely cake Summer had made him, and in doing so he wiped the smile right off her face…  As he wants to be a best selling author he joined the writer career path.

07-18-15_11-40 PM“Mum nooo!”

Shortly after her eldest son broke her heart, old age caught up with Summer and she died.

The next few days were hard on all the of the kids. Everything in the house kept breaking ( thanks to ghost Adam thinking it was funny to jump into them…), and they had now lost both parents.

07-18-15_11-49 PMThe didn’t feel like celebrating with a big party, so the twins made each other a cake a just had a quite night of cake eating.

Brigette decided it was best if she was left on her own in the legacy household, so the boys packed up the next morning and moved into a house on the other side of town together.

And that is where we will leave this chapter


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